fireTEK FTM-99Sx & FTM-99Nx Controller

Take control of the whole show across the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Netowrk and beyond, with fireTEK’s series of FTM Controllers.  Take advantage of the fireTEK real-time monitoring and error detection and simplify your setup up time.  Minimize your required equipment with thier integrated audio player, SMPTE & FSK timecode, GPS programming and Android or computer interface 


It’s what a controller should do

fireTEK pro firing kit

FTM-99Sx & FTM-99Nx Controller

The FTM-99Sx and FTM-99Nx Controllers were designed and developed especially for firing firework displays and other pyrotechnic effects. Focused on the needs of the professional and advanced hobbyist, the FTM Controllers provide bi-directional communication with up to 99 fireTEK Modules across the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network.

The Controllers provide full control of manual firing, automatic firing, and semi-automatic firing across the whole network. The controller allows convenient control of the script including editing and disabling of effects on the go.

All Controllers also come with an integrated audio player minimizing the equipment required to conduct a pyromusical. The audio player is also capable of SMPTE timecode. GPS control is also available. Like all fireTEK devices, the Controllers can interface with the fireTEK computer and Android applications.

The FTM Controller remains conveniently compact, yet packed with the following additional features and options:

  • Bi-directional communication with up to 99 fireTEK Modules 
  • Wireless script uploading and on-the-fly creation and editing
  • Internal Audio Player (MP3/WAV) with onboard & and USB drive capability
  • SMPTE LTC Timecode (Receive and Generate depending on Controller)
  • Large backlight LCD Screen. Provides system information, module specific information, real-time error reporting, and navigational menus
  • Illuminated buttons providing visual menu and channel status
  • Internal USB rechargeable LiPo battery with 24hr Stand-by time
  • Deadman Switch Interface (option)
  • Rugged fiberglass housing or Nanuk hard case
  • Included fireTEK Android FTKontrol app
  • 7 Year hardware warranty – (2 years for the battery)

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    7-Year Hardware Warranty

    All fireTEK hardware is covered under its industry-leading 7-year warranty. 
    If you experience a hardware malfuntion anytime within the 7-year inservice date, we will repair or replace your hardware.

    FTM-99Sx and FTM-99Nx Controllers

    FTM Controllers provide bi-directional communication with up to 99 fireTEK devices across the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network.  All Controllers include integrated audio player and USB interface to Android devices or Computers with the fireTEK applications.