Introducing the Revolutionary New FTQ-16x64 Module

This industry-leading new module from fireTEK wireless firing systems is packed with features which will be sure to set your shows apart from others.  DMX, Time Code SMTPE FSK, real-time system notifications, USB-C charging, LiPO included, audio player included and the most flexible design and configuration options on the market.


What can your system do?

fireTEK pro firing kit


The NEW fireTEK FTQ-16×64 is the world’s most flexible firing module. Whether as a single module, as master modules controlling a whole network, or as a slave, the FTQ module gets the job done.

An FTQ module can control up to 64 firing channels in one position or across firing positions spread out hundreds of feet with fireTEK parallel rails allowing you to fire simultaneously across multiple positions with up to 29V of power.

The FTQ module can also provide direct DMX control for flames, lights, CO2, and other devices. If desired, the FTQ module can add synchronized audio playback by connecting the module to a computer or Android device with the included fireTEK applications.

The FTQ module also has an impressive list of options to control it – directly through the panel buttons, with a small 4-button remote, through the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network or physical 2-wire network as a slave to either a master FTM Controller or a master FTQ or FTH module, through GPS programming, by receiving timecodes (SMPTE LTC and FSK), or through an external trigger pulsed by another system to play and pause a script or step fire through the firing channels.

Yes, you can easily add DMX control, synchronized audio playback, timecode generation, and up to 64 channels of firing capability to any other system with the FTQ module through the External Trigger.

The FTQ module like all of the fireTEK devices can function as slave or a master. With the FTQ as in master mode, up to 99 other modules (6336 channels) through the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network can be slaved to the master FTQ module.

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    We are so confident in the fireTEK system that we will put our money where our mouth is.
    If you are not satified, for any reason, we will give you your money back.

    7-Year Hardware Warranty

    All fireTEK hardware is covered under its industry-leading 7-year warranty. 
    If you experience a hardware malfuntion anytime within the 7-year inservice date, we will repair or replace your hardware.


    These modules include everything you need to get started with electronic firing, including LiPO Battery, USB-C charging, the abitity to manual fire, step-fire or shoot a fully automated Pyromusicial.  These modules can be upgraded but do not include fireTEK mesh wireless or other advanced feautures.


    These modules include fireTEK mesh wireless and will work with the fireTEK Controller as well as up to 99 additional modules.  Additional features can be added to support your show needs such as 2-wire, GPS and DMX.