Truly Flexible. Brilliantly Simple.

The Revolutionary firing system from fireTEK.


Don’t just talk about DMX, use it.  fireTEK has had DMX for years.


DMX can be added to any fireTEK module and works without any special software and doesn’t require SMPTE to work…. it just works.

Find out what you can do with DMX today.

Why fireTEK firing system?

7 Year Warranty

6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

Zero Fail Guarantee*


Flexible Deployment Options

Time code FSK (F1, PD) and SMPTE

Low Cost Per Cue

fireTEK firing system

The World’s Most Flexible Firing System

It has been a game changer. With fireworks, DMX flames, lights, and sound.  Our 4th of July has become a small production that blows us and other people away every year.  We took our kids to Disneyland last year and after the fireworks and light shows, they stated, “our show is better.”   That is saying something!

Ken and Abby

Backyard Pros, Washington

I have used another system for 7 years with a lot of problems. After some thought I bought fireTEK and am not disappointed it is a very good system with so many functions. The fireTEK community answers all questions and Laurian is very responsive I love fireTEK .

Gregory Voivenel

Gregory Company: artifices38 . France

We produce pyromusicals requiring high firing precision. But we live in a climate where none likes doing field work outside. FireTEK meets all demands: Setup and testing is rapid, a lot of work can be done ready indoors. And FireTEK has been proven to shoot in any weather with excellent precision.

Uffe Cederqvist

Co-Owner, Fyrverkeriskolan Ab, Finland