Why fireTEK? 

There are a lot of firing systems on the market and all of them can shoot a show.  It is the options and features of the equipment that make the difference for the user, the following are just a few: 

  • Real-time error detection and notification
  • fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network
  • fireTEK Physical 2-wire Network
  • All fireTEK devices can operate as a Master networking up to 99 other devices
  • Multiple audio control and playback options with all fireTEK modules.
  • fireTEK Direct DMX Control
  • Receive and Generate Timecode
  • Receive and set to GPS UTC time
  • Pyrotechnic, DMX, and Audio sequencing for other systems. 

fireTEK’s goal is to become the desired choice for firing equipment.  Focus is placed on the details to offer a safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable system that provides 100% ignition. 

The fireTEK architecture, design, and real-time error detection strives to minimize errors that occur in the field that might result in a failed show or a safety issue. 

fireTEK continually seeks feedback from users and listens to client suggestions with an open mind.   Some of the best improvements and innovations have been driven by our customers suggestions. 

Are You a Professional?

fireTEK is a unique professional pyrotechnic and special effects control system that minimizes

setup errors and provides flexibility that is not found in other systems.  While providing technology and capabilities not found with other systems, it is also economical for professionals and serious hobbyists.  Difficult shoot locations, multi site locations, and integrated control with timecode, DMX, or other systems no longer has to cost a fortune in extra equipment to pull off.

fireTEK devices may seem small and lightweight compared to systems you have seen in the industry for years, but don’t let the lack of size and weight fool you. With the evolution of technology, devices are more reliable, smarter, stronger, lighter, and smaller. The firing power and intelligence of this system will rival anything on the market today.

If you are looking to upgrade to new reliable technology,….. try fireTEK

If you want a system that is easy to pack & ship, with increased capability,….. try fireTEK

fireTEK is designed for efficient show setups, testing, and dismantling. The unique slats simplify setup and dismantling of shows. The real time monitoring and error detection minimizes, if not almost eliminating, testing time while eliminating show failures caused by “unknown” or “user error” faults.

If you are wanting to simply overhead setup, and dismantling,….. try fireTEK

If you want a system that automatically notifies operators how to correct errors,….. try fireTEK

fireTEK guarantees you will be impressed, even if you are more familiar with other systems.  fireTEK leads in innovation – DMX, Mesh Wireless & 2-wire, USB charging, automatic and continuous error detection and notification are just some of the items that stand out.  Don’t forget, the capable field modules can also function as master controllers allowing flexibility and redundancy for your needs.  fireTEK is always listening to the clients needs as reflected in the systems innovations  and works to find solutions for even the simple requests.

If you are displeased with the lack of innovations for your current system,….. try fireTEK

Want to add DMX to your existing firing system,…. try fireTEK

Professionals will appreciate the reliability, flexibility, redundancy, and both time and cost savings that comes with fireTEK while also providing capabilities not found on other systems

Are You Just Getting Started or Looking for Affordable Neighborhood Shows? 

fireTEK is a unique professional pyrotechnic and special effects control system that will allow you to become the neighborhood pyro master! Forget about trying to get your buddies to light things all at the same time or measure out fuse so one cake starts right after the other. You have just found an extremely economical solution to take you to pyro perfection! Why not start with professional equipment instead of having to upgrade. This system minimizes setup time, errors and provides flexibility that is not found in other less capable “starter” systems while also remaining economical for entry-level hobbyists and backyard shooters.

fireTEK modules provide a large set of firing cues using a rail system that provides an option to shoot from one position to many positions several hundred feet apart without needing to buy separate modules, controllers, or add-on components. So you want to time your fireworks to music? There are multiple options for adding audio to your show – the most basic approach requires no more than an android device with the included FTKontrol application.

If you are looking for an economical approach to make YOUR show the BEST,…..try fireTEK

If you want to synchronize your script to audio, without buying additional devices,…..try fireTEK

fireTEK easily expands and is upgradable as YOUR shows increase. You can simply add additional rails in parallel, additional modules and/or remotes, or additional capabilities like DMX for flames and lights to your system.  All versions of fireTEK modules and controllers are cross compatible and fireTEK can also integrate with and add capability to existing systems you may have.  If you want a reliable starter system that can easily expand at your pace, ….try fireTEK If you want to add audio, DMX, and other capabilities to what you already have, …try fireTEK

fireTEK devices are simple to operate and provide all the information for your show real-time on the large easy-to-ready screens. fireTEK provides 24/7 support and on-line training for all levels of experience. The devices are compact, powerful, and durable. All devices have internal batteries chargeable by USB – no need to buy replaceable batteries or additional battery upgrades. The fiberglass housings are both strong and fire resistant to protect your investment. The electronic devices are water resistant and the rails are 100% waterproof.

If you want a system that is easy to use and backed by great support, ….try fireTEK

If you want a system with robust equipment for any situation, ….try fireTEK

Entry-level hobbyists and backyard shooters will appreciate the ability to start with multiple cues from multiple positions on a reasonable budget with a reliable system to have the BEST show and then expand easily at their pace. .

Key Advantages

Common large back-light LCD screen on all modules and controllers providing clear and precise information.  The module screen allows the checking of the module without turning on the controller. The controller screen replicates every screen from the modules in the networks so you can also see the same information on the modules at the controller.

fireTEK has real-time error detections that automatically reports any error.   Within 10 seconds the fireTEK controller can test up to 99 wireless and/or wired firing modules (6,336 independent channels/cues), and report any errors or warnings on the screen, including battery levels, communication errors, continuity, and other critical checks.  This happens continuously so you have the information you need and saves you time while setting up

The fireTEK controller continuously sends a sync message every 3 seconds to the modules to ensure they have started and remain fully synchronized. 

The fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network is based on CE, FCC, and IC compliant modules that are legal worldwide.  The Intelligent wireless network identifies the necessary wireless transmission paths through the mesh of possible point-to-point paths of the fireTEK devices.  This allows the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network to reach around obstructions that may cause signal loss by passing the transmission through the networked devices.

With legal power and without boosters or high-gain antennas, the fireTEK Wireless signal can transmit up to 2 miles (3 km) line of sight and up to 18 miles (3 km) through multiple modules placed as repeaters. 

fireTEK monitors the firing current in real time and is able to increase the pulse time until an igniter fires up to a set maximum time is reached. 

The firing script is stored in the modules internal memory allowing modules to be independent from interference or damage; i.e low break or explosion, that may affect other modules.  Even the rails are independent from each other so that if damage occurs to one real or cable, it does not affect the others or the entire module. 

Separate backup controllers are not required.  For redundancy and flexibility, ALL fireTEK devices can operate as a Master networking up to 99 other devices.  A module is able to fire a show through scripts or manually step firing with or without music.  This also allows the system to be split up allowing multiple shows to be controlled in multiple locations at the same time.  

fireTEK is the most flexible system that can be found on the market.  It can be controlled from the fireTEK FTM Controller, via computer or Android device through USB, the <<BWD and FWD>> Operational Buttons on the panel, Timecode, GPS time, External Trigger, or an small affordable 2-button or 4-button remote. 

The case provides protection for the module such that the modules will operate in heavy rain.  The rails will function – providing proper continuity checks and testing when fully submerged under water. Rails are fully waterproof and can be fired and tested even if they are submerged under water. 

The fireTEK system is compact and lightweight and convenient. The choice of cables and chargers was focused on the ability to be sourced almost anywhere in the world.  The fireTEK modules are very light and compact making it easy to  ship and transport.  The weight of a complete system with more than 100 channels is only 33lbs without cables and can easily be fit in standard luggage. 


6-month full refund if you are not satisfied. (NO reasons required) 

7-year warranty for any electronic failure.

25% discount on replacing any firing module that is destroyed by fire or mechanical damages.