FTQ 16×64 64 Channel Pro Module


This is the NEW fireTEK FTQ-16×64 wireless firing system module.  The most flexible wireless firing module on the market.

This Pro Module is the standard module configuration for professionals and advanced hobbyists.

The FTQ 16×64 64 Channel Basic Module includes the following features:

The module comes with four standard 16 channel (cue) rails with active R1, R2, R3, and R4 Ports. UTP Cable not included.

The module can function as a stand alone controller for controlling scripted shows and step firing through the <<BWD and FWD>> Operational Buttons on the module. All FTQ modules can also be controlled through the USB connection to either a computer or Android device with fireTEK software applications or directly with a USB mouse.

With the fireTEK wireless Mesh Internal Antenna, the module is capable of both Slave or Master modes and can function with or without the FTM Controllers.  You can upgrade the purchase to include the external antenna or purchase an external antenna package at a later time.

The Pro module does NOT include the small RF Remote and External Trigger. If desired, it can be added as an option.

The module can provide audio control with a connection to an Android device with the included fireTEK applications.

fireTEK DMX provides direct control from the module for DMX flames, lights, lasers, CO2, and other devices.


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FTQ-16x64 64 Channel Pro Module Additional Features:

  • 24 hour standby/armed with long live LiPo battery (3.7V @2800mAh)
  • 20-24V firing power up to 10 A with Internal Battery
  • External power option – boosts firing power to 29V
  • USB-C Charging and Interface
  • Large backlight LCD Display
  • Included fireTEK Android Application
  • Included fireTEK Computer Application
  • User configurable and repairable with plug-n-play components
  • 7 Year hardware warranty – (2 years for the battery)
  • All fireTEK products come with 24/7/365 world class support. US Phone number, Email and Chat
  • 100% 6 Month Total Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all fireTEK systems, you are not locked in to the purchased configuration, you can upgrade and expand this system at any time.

This module can be easily upgraded with additional options, including 2-wire, GPS, DMX, and timecode

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 5 in